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MediatR: how to use Decorators to add retry policies

Hi All! Today we’ll see an interesting technique to add retry policies to MediatR. It can actually be used also for other types of policies (fallback, circuit breaker, and so on), but we’ll focusing on retries to keep things simple. As you might have guessed, this “magic trick” involves the use of the Decorator Pattern. […]

Blazor GameDev – part 6: mouse input

Hi All! Welcome back to part 6 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’ll see how we can start detecting user interaction and mouse input. Last time we started the real refactoring towards a more reusable structure and introduced the concept of composition through the GameObject class. The goal for today’s exercise is to […]

Improving HTTP resilience in Blazor webassembly

Hi All! Today I decided to take a quick break from my Blazor gamedev series and talk about resilience. We’ll see how to call a REST API from a Blazor webassembly app using an HTTP Client and how to handle errors using Polly. As usual, I’ve pushed a sample repository on GitHub, feel free to […]

Blazor GameDev – part 4: moving a sprite

Hi All! Welcome back to part 4 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’re going to refactor the code of part 3 and start moving the sprite across the screen. The final result will be something like this: Example 3 and 4 will render exactly the same thing but in Example 4 we’ll start […]

Blazor GameDev – part 3: sprite rendering

Hi All! Welcome to part 3 of the Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’re going to see how to render a sprite and handle the window resize event. Last time we saw how easy it is to initialize the HTML Canvas and render some text. Now we’re going to expand that code and add the […]

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