Unity: Using an FSM to control your GameObjects

Thanks to my good friend Maurizio, who’s been helping me removing the dust from my memory, today I’ll show you how to use a simple FSM to control your GameObjects 🙂 First, if you don’t know what an FSM is, please read this, and maybe this too. Done? Good. Now...

2 minute read

MVC: passing complex models in GET

I started recently to work on a REST WebAPI project and soon realized I needed a way to pass complex parameters to my GET actions. For example, in some cases I have “searcher” classes that expose properties like pagination data, text fields, identificators and so on, something like this: [csharp]...

1 minute read

Download SQL Server Express and say “Thank you Scott”

Thank you Scott. Really, this is going to be awkward, but somebody had to do something. Akamai NetSession? Come on Microsoft, you’re better than that! So, well, thanks Scott.  Here’s the link: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/DownloadSqlServerExpress.aspx      

1 minute read

C# : dynamically get location of an assembly

This time I’m posting just a simple tip (because my memory is sloppy, yeah): I was playing a little bit with T4 templates and dynamic assembly generation and I needed to reference a couple of assembly included in my project. Unfortunately the adding a reference to the ReferencedAssemblies collection on...

1 minute read

SDL Tridion: move items across Publications

This is a quick tip for something that can create a lot of hassle sometimes. As you may be aware of, it’s impossible to copy/paste items across Publications. One option would be to create them manually, but what if they’re too many? Another option is to use the Content Porter....

1 minute read

Using Web API as a proxy for downloading files

Imagine this scenario: an ApiController Action that acts as a proxy to an external CDN for downloading files (yes, even large ones). The basic idea here is to use HttpClient to create an async request to the CDN passing also the optional range headers and then simply return the result...

5 minute read

Adding a custom MediaTypeFormatter to your WebAPI project

This is going to be easy. As many of the other posts of this blog, even this entry is due to an issue I was forced to face, this time with the marvelous IE8 😀 In a nutshell, I have a WebAPI project returning some nice json data. Everything works...

2 minute read

How to reference an array of scripts from another script in Unity

Just a quick and dirty tip (actually, more of a reminder for myself), probably there’s a better way but for now it worked for me… Basically in Unity I needed a quick way to reference a list of scripts from another script. The idea is to have a “main” script...

1 minute read