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Conway’s Game of Life with Blazor

Hi All! In this article, we’re going to see an easy way to implement Conway’s Game of Life using Blazor. I’ve been spending some time these days working with Blazor. It’s quite an interesting technology, and definitely an excellent alternative to Angular or React or WhateverFancyLibraryJs kids are using these days. Blazor’s has a lot […]

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Write integration tests on MongoDB with .NET Core and Docker

Hi All! In this post, we’re going to explore a simple but effective way to write integration tests on MongoDB using .NET Core and Docker. A while ago I wrote a small series about Unit Testing on MongoDB. A lot has changed since then and I also received few requests to add more details. To […]

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How to deal with back-pressure on message queues with .NET Core

Hi All! In this post, we’re going to see a very simple way to deal with back-pressure on message queues. But first: what does actually mean “back-pressure” ? Well, imagine you’re at a bus stop, waiting in line to hop on the bus. And right in front of you, there’s a nice old lady with […]

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Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 3: broadcasting events

Hi all! Welcome to the third part of the series about Event Sourcing. This time we’ll see how we can tell other parts of our system that something has happened by broadcasting the events. And we will be doing this by pushing them to a distributed queue. Last time we discussed how we can leverage […]

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