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Dell Limerick Hackathon 2016

Hi everybody!

Last January we had an Hackathon here @ Dell Limerick, the main theme was “office productivity”, aka “how would you improve your and your coworker’s productivity”.

I was in a team with other 4 very smart guys, didn’t won but all in all it was a terrific experience…two days straight of brainstorming and coding madness combined with pizza and energy drinks.

The winners came up with an interesting prototype of a chat bot running as Lync addon that can answer every type of question, from “how’s the weather” to “who broke the last build?”, passing from “tell me about story 1234567”. I can’t go too deep in the details (also, lots of natural language analysis is involved) but it was definitely a very, very interesting project and really deserved to win.

My team instead…well we produced a voting platform for ideas. In a nutshell, every user registered to the community can post his ideas (which can be divided into macro-areas) and the others can vote it using points they have received when registering. If an idea is approved, the voters will get back the points and a small bonus. If an idea is cancelled instead, they will get the points back (but no bonus).

It was a cool project to work on, we used a very simple micro-service CQRS architecture running on AngularJS, WebApi and MongoDB. Oh and everything was hosted on Azure.

After the contest, we decided to release all the sources, you can find them on my GitHub repository.


Videum 2.0 is here!

After almost one year, yesterday we pushed to production the new version of Videum ! It’s a major milestone, this time we started the entire application from scratch, writing a brand new ad-hoc CMS and moving from MSSQL to MongoDB. The search engine instead is based entirely on Elasticsearch, with some minor customizations in order to allow fast multilanguage queries.

The road is still long and there’s a lot to do, but I’m very proud of this “creature” and very happy of all the teamwork.

The project itself is very interesting and open to a lot of nice features that we are planning to add in the next releases (and there will be tons!), but for now I’ll just take a deep breath…

SDL Tridion: move items across Publications

This is a quick tip for something that can create a lot of hassle sometimes. As you may be aware of, it’s impossible to copy/paste items across Publications. One option would be to create them manually, but what if they’re too many?
Another option is to use the Content Porter. Right, the Content Porter.
Few steps:
1) Rename the target Publication to whatever temp name you like
2) Rename the source Publication as the target one
3) Launch the Content Porter, select the renamed source Publication, pick the items and export
4) Rename back both the Publications to the original names
5) Launch the Content Porter select the target Publication and import the package.


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