Know your data structures – List vs Dictionary vs HashSet

Are there any cases when it doesn’t really matter how your data is structured, as long as you’re fulfilling the task at hand? Or is it always important to use the perfect data structure for the job? Let’s find out! Those collections have quite different purposes and use cases. Specifically, Lists should be used when […]

The importance of setting the boundaries (of your domain models)

First article of the year! I really wanted to start writing this few weeks ago, but honestly I wasn’t inspired enough. Now that I’ve spent a good portion of the Christmas break reading blogs, books and watching courses on Pluralsight, I still don’t feel inspired enough. I guess it’s due to how I spent the […]

talk @ UniSa – 12/12/2018

Every couple of weeks or so the University of Salerno hosts former students like me to talk a bit about their professional experience. Yesterday was my turn! I was invited by my old teacher Vittorio Scarano (hi prof!) to talk in front of a big audience of grads and undergrads. I had a lot of […]

List of useful Docker commands

In the last few weeks I’ve been doing several experiments with Docker, just trying to grasp the main idea and maybe even come up with something useful. As often happens with tools these days, there’s an entire world of command line tools that you should learn. OR you can just be lazy as me and […]

Immutable Builder Pattern

This time we’ll talk about the Immutable Builder Pattern, but with a twist: the resulting instance has to be immutable. From time to time I need to move away from the routine, just to avoid getting bored. Also, taking short breaks might help viewing things under a different perspective. Anyways, while working on Statifier I felt the […]

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