Write integration tests on MongoDB with .NET Core and Docker

Hi All! In this post, we’re going to explore a simple but effective way to write integration tests on MongoDB using .NET Core and Docker. A while ago I wrote a small series about Unit Testing on MongoDB. A lot has changed since then and I also received few requests to add more details. To […]

Handling Integration Tests in a CI pipeline – part 2: an example

Today we’re going to take a look at a concrete example of how we can handle integration tests in a CI pipeline. Last time I gave few options of possible platforms. I am working with Gitlab in my daily job so the code today will be focusing on it. But the concepts can be applied […]

Handling Integration Tests in a CI pipeline – part 1

Integration Tests are a fundamental block of every project. And as such, they deserve a special treatment in the CI pipeline. First of all, let’s make a clear distinction between unit and integration tests. We discussed already on this blog about this, but I would like to do a quick recap. Unit tests are responsible […]

The perils of sharing state when writing tests

Sharing state is always a bad idea. Functional programmers have been using immutability for a long time now, completely avoiding the perils this can bring. For all the others that for one reason or another keep going on with the good ol’ OOP, this is an hard lesson that needs to be learned. And sooner […]

Bad test coverage results? No worries!

Yesterday I stumbled upon an “interesting” bug in the code coverage tool. In case you’re generating it (and I strongly encourage you to), please make sure you’re satisfied with the results. At work by policy we have to ensure at least 70% of test coverage. However in one of my projects I was getting way […]

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