How to reset the entities state on a Entity Framework Db Context

I had two bad days. Those days wasted chasing a stupid bug. I had a test class with 4 test cases on my infrastructure layer. If executed one by one, they pass. If the whole suite was executed, only the first one was passing. At the end I found out that it was due to […]

SQLCE: How to execute complex scripts

For one of the side-projects I am working on, I needed a way to execute long SQL scripts to create some reports. I started the project using SQLCE because I didn’t wanted to bother with a full installation of a SQL server (even the Express one), so I wrote all the code exploiting EntityFramework 6 […]

Download SQL Server Express and say “Thank you Scott”

Thank you Scott. Really, this is going to be awkward, but somebody had to do something. Akamai NetSession? Come on Microsoft, you’re better than that! So, well, thanks Scott.  Here’s the link:      

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