Event Sourcing on Azure – part 1: architecture plan

Hi All! With this post, we’ll start a new Series about Event Sourcing on Azure. We’re going to talk a bit about the pattern, general architecture, and the individual building blocks. Then in the next posts, we’ll dig more and see each one in detail. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might […]

MediatR: how to use Decorators to add retry policies

Hi All! Today we’ll see an interesting technique to add retry policies to MediatR. It can actually be used also for other types of policies (fallback, circuit breaker, and so on), but we’ll focusing on retries to keep things simple. As you might have guessed, this “magic trick” involves the use of the Decorator Pattern. […]

How to use Azure Durable Entities to see who’s the strongest Avenger

In the movies, Thor keeps saying that he “is the strongest Avenger”. Some people say that it’s actually Hulk, but I guess it’s a matter of perspective. How can we find a solution to this riddle? By using Azure Durable Entities of course! Azure Durable Functions have been a very nice addition to the Azure […]

Blazor GameDev – part 8: keyboard input

Hi everyone! Welcome back to part 8 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’re going to refactor our last example, detecting keyboard input to control character animations. Last time we saw how to load spritesheets and introduced the AnimatedSpriteRenderComponent component. Let’s now see how we can use the keyboard to switch between animations. The […]

Blazor GameDev – part 7: animations

Hi my fellow gamedevs! Welcome back to part 7 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’re going to step into the marvelous world of animations using spritesheets 🙂 Last time we saw how it’s possible to interact with the game using the mouse. It was fun and easy, but still, all we were rendering […]

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