Blazor GameDev – part 10: the Scene Graph

Hi All! Here we go with part 10 of our Blazor 2d GameDev series. Today we’re going to talk about an extremely important tool that can greatly improve game entities management: the Scene Graph. This is an example, just to give you an idea of what is going to be the result: You can also […]

Testing Azure Functions on Azure DevOps – part 2: the pipeline

Hi All! Welcome back to the second part of the Series. In this last article, we’re going to see how we can setup the testing pipeline for our Azure Functions on Azure DevOps. Last time we saw how we could structure our test project using XUnit Fixtures and how it is possible to launch the […]

Handling long-running operations with Azure Durable Entities

Long-running operations. Everyone, at some point in their career, has to face a time-consuming task. And on many occasions you also need to know what’s the status and what’s going on right now. Did it fail? Did it complete successfully? Today we’re going to see a simple way to execute a long-running operation and keep […]

Testing Azure Functions on Azure DevOps – part 1: setup

Hi All! Today we’re going to talk a bit about testing strategies for Azure Functions. We’ll see how setup our test framework and in another article, we’ll see how to create a build pipeline on Azure DevOps. As part of my daily job, I’m spending a lot of time working with Azure and Azure Functions. […]

Blazor GameDev – part 9: introducing the Finite State Machine

Hi everyone! Welcome back to part 8 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’ll keep refactoring our last example, cleaning up the code using a Finite State Machine. As usual, you can check out the results in your browser before moving on. Use left/right arrows to move the player and the space bar to […]

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