Data pagination with WebAPI and AngularJS

UPDATE: wonder how to do the same using React and NodeJS? Read here! One of the first issues I faced while studying/working with AngularJS was how to do pagination with data received from the backend. Assuming that all the real paging is done server-side, I “just” needed a way to easily tell the user on […]

jQuery unobtrusive validation and custom date formats

Another quick reminder for my sloppy memory: in case you want to use a custom date format and you need validation (of course, why wouldn’t you?), sometimes may happen that the format you’re using is not recognised during the client validation phase. In one of my side projects for example I am using the standard […]

MVC: passing complex models in GET

I started recently to work on a REST WebAPI project and soon realized I needed a way to pass complex parameters to my GET actions. For example, in some cases I have “searcher” classes that expose properties like pagination data, text fields, identificators and so on, something like this: [csharp] public class Identificator{ public int […]

Simple Membership Provider. Oh you!

{“The Role Manager feature has not been enabled.”} 1/2 hour. Took me half an hour to track down this. It all began with the ASP.NET MVC 4 template, with its shiny AccountController. “Why do I have to write all that auth code? Why can’t I use WebMatrix ? ” {“The Role Manager feature has not […]

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