CQRS: on Commands and Validation

Let’s have a quick discussion about CQRS. There’s a lot to say to be honest, so let’s try to focus on just one thing today: validating your Commands (who knows, I could start a series after this, we’ll see). The idea is simple: how can I make sure that the data I am passing to […]

Dell Limerick Hackathon 2016

Hi everybody! Last January we had an Hackathon here @ Dell Limerick, the main theme was “office productivity”, aka “how would you improve your and your coworker’s productivity”. I was in a team with other 4 very smart guys, didn’t won but all in all it was a terrific experience…two days straight of brainstorming and […]

“Mastering AngularJS for .NET Developers” is here!

Finally! I thought the package had gone lost but then…today the postman knocked the office doors aaaaaand here it is!   It’s an interesting book indeed. Covers most of the functionalities, front to back with an eye to the inner workings and how to integrate with .NET, EntityFramework and WebAPI. Personally, I’m not a big fan […]

MVC: reading LinkedIn user profile data

Suppose you have to login your users using an external provider. Maybe LinkedIn. Suppose you have to read the user profile data and do some stuff. Maybe you have to register the guy on your website. Maybe you know a bit of OAuth and you want to give it a try but maybe you don’t […]

AngularJS + MVC : how to pass model from server to Angular controller

Here’s a quick tip on how to pass a complex model from server side to an AngularJS controller. The idea is to serialize the model to json (I am using the majestic Newtonsoft library for that), store it into a javascript variable and then create a provider with it on the AngularJS application that will […]

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