Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 4: query models

Hi All! Welcome to the fourth part of the series about Event Sourcing. This time we’ll see how we can leverage the events to refresh our Query Models. The last time we saw how we can make use of a message queue to publish domain events to other interested parties. As I mentioned last time, […]

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ASP.NET Core structured logging – part 1: introduction

Hi All! In this post, we’ll see what’s the difference between “standard” and “structured” logging and how the latter can help us tracing down issues in our systems. But first, let’s begin with a question. Ever had to go through countless of log messages to find a single tiny entry? Then you know how it […]

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Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 3: broadcasting events

Hi all! Welcome to the third part of the series about Event Sourcing. This time we’ll see how we can tell other parts of our system that something has happened by broadcasting the events. And we will be doing this by pushing them to a distributed queue. Last time we discussed how we can leverage […]

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Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 2: storing events

And here we are for the second part of the Event Sourcing series. Last time we introduced the main idea and some of its benefits. This time we’ll see how we can start storing events in our system. As usual, I have prepared a small demo, modeled around the banking example I depicted in part […]

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Health checks with ASP.NET Core and Kubernetes

Health checks are a fundamental part of our APIs. I guess they fall in that category of “non-functional-but-heavily-required” things. More or less like a good part of the infrastructure code. They don’t add business value per se but have an enormous impact for IT people. More or less like DDD and Design Patterns. You can […]

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