Event Sourcing on Azure – part 2: events persistence

Hi All! Welcome back for the second part of the Event Sourcing on Azure series. Today we’re going to digress a bit about the implementation details and some of the choices and tradeoff I’ve made. We will focus on how I’ve managed the events persistence and which tool I’ve chosen for it. Last time we […]

Event Sourcing on Azure – part 1: architecture plan

Hi All! With this post, we’ll start a new Series about Event Sourcing on Azure. We’re going to talk a bit about the pattern, general architecture, and the individual building blocks. Then in the next posts, we’ll dig more and see each one in detail. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might […]

Improving HTTP resilience in Blazor webassembly

Hi All! Today I decided to take a quick break from my Blazor gamedev series and talk about resilience. We’ll see how to call a REST API from a Blazor webassembly app using an HTTP Client and how to handle errors using Polly. As usual, I’ve pushed a sample repository on GitHub, feel free to […]

Blazor&Dragons! How to consume gRPC-web from Blazor – part 2: the server

Hi All! Last time we gave a look at the client, today we’re going to focus on the backend and see how we can write a gRPC server that can be called from a Blazor webassembly application. Did I mention how nerd I was? Yeah, probably I did. Just have a look at what I’m […]

Blazor&Dragons! How to consume gRPC-web from Blazor – part 1: the client

Hi All! Today we’re going to talk about how to consume a gRPC service from a Blazor client. And we’re going to do it with Dungeons & Dragons! People who know me, know that deep down, I’m a big nerd. I started playing D&D when I was a freshman in college and kept going for […]

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