SQLCE: How to execute complex scripts

For one of the side-projects I am working on, I needed a way to execute long SQL scripts to create some reports. I started the project using SQLCE because I didn’t wanted to bother with a full installation of a SQL server (even the Express one), so I wrote all the code exploiting EntityFramework 6 […]

Multilanguage searching with Elasticsearch

This time I’ll start directly with the code.  First an utility method to create the connection: [csharp] private ElasticClient Connect(IEnumerable contents) { var defaultLanguageCode = "eng"; var uri = new System.Uri(ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["ElasticSearchServer"]); var settings = new ConnectionSettings(uri).SetDefaultIndex(defaultLanguageCode); var client = new ElasticClient(settings); } [/csharp] And here’s the interesting part: [csharp] public IEnumerable<SearchItem> Search(string text, int page, […]

Multilanguage indexing with Elasticsearch

This time I’m rambling about Elasticsearch. For those who still don’t know, Elasticsearch is a very interesting search engine based on Lucene. It’s structured to work as a NoSQL database and exposes a very nice RESTful web interface. Ok, that’s enough, let’s get started with the code! The first thing to do is download (manually or via Nuget) […]

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