Azure Logic Apps: a recipe to handle failures gracefully

Hi All! Today I just wanted to take a break from the Blazor Gamedev series and talk a bit about Azure. Specifically about Logic Apps and how to handle failures gracefully. For those of you who don’t know what a Logic App is, I would strongly recommend to take a look at this video first: […]

How to dynamically set blob name in an Azure Function

Hi All! Today we’re going to see how to dynamically set the blob name and write to it in an Azure Function. This is probably my first Azure article ever, and probably the first one of a long list 🙂 I’ll probably end up writing something about Azure and Event Sourcing at some point, so […]

A static website is better.

Yes, you read that right: a static website is better. Now take a deep breath and follow me. To read this post you’ve politely asked your browser to fetch data from a url. This has triggered a chain of servers up to the one hosting this blog which has identified the right php script to […]

How I used Travis CI to deploy Barfer on Azure

Ok this time I want to talk a little bit about how I used Travis CI to deploy Barfer on Azure. Last time I mentioned how much helped having a Continuous Delivery system up and running so I thought it would be worth expanding a little bit the concept. Some of you may say: “Azure […]

#hashtags just landed on #Barfer!

Yeah I know, I blogged yesterday. I probably have too much spare time these days (my wife is abroad for a while) and Barfer has become some kind of obsession. You don’t know what Barfer is? Well go immediately check my last article. Don’t worry, I’ll wait here. So the new shiny things are #hashtags! Yeah, […]

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