Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 5: offline consumers

Ok so apparently last time I lied. Or at least I lied to me: it wasn’t the last episode of the Event Sourcing series 🙂 This time we’re going to see how we can implement offline consumers for our integration events. My SuperSafeBank repo was still calling me and I knew there were other things […]

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Blazor how-to’s: create a chat application – part 1: introduction

Here we are for another episode of Blazor how-to’s! This time we’ll see how we can easily create a chat application with Blazor and .NET Core. As usual, all the code is available on GitHub. Disclaimer: don’t expect anything fancy like Whatsapp or Slack 🙂 Our application will showcase just a bunch of features: single […]

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Event Sourcing in .NET Core – part 4: query models

Hi All! Welcome to the fourth part of the series about Event Sourcing. This time we’ll see how we can leverage the events to refresh our Query Models. The last time we saw how we can make use of a message queue to publish domain events to other interested parties. As I mentioned last time, […]

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ASP.NET Core structured logging – part 1: introduction

Hi All! In this post, we’ll see what’s the difference between “standard” and “structured” logging and how the latter can help us tracing down issues in our systems. But first, let’s begin with a question. Ever had to go through countless of log messages to find a single tiny entry? Then you know how it […]

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