Recording of Webinar Introduction to React & Typescript available

Last Saturday I had the chance to run my first webinar, thanks to my friend and ex-colleague Lalit Kale and the folks from Indiamentor. We discussed about React, pros and cons, why should someone use it instead of AngularJS (for example eh, no puns intended) and how to setup the dev environment. Then I showed […]

Data pagination with NodeJS and React

TL;DR: here’s the link to the GitHub repo. Some time ago, in one of my articles I showed a way to paginate your data using WebAPI on the server and AngularJS on client-side. Funnily enough I wrote that post exactly two years ago, I just noticed it while writing this. Well, turns out a lot […]

Building an Angular 2 + Typescript application template

Last time I showed you a way to create a Typescript application template. Now we can use that as a starting point for an Angular 2 application. As usual, I have created a GitHub repo with the necessary sources and the list of steps to perform. At the end of the process, we’ll get our friendly web server showing […]

How to handle string localization with AngularJS and Typescript

As many of you may already know, most of the times we developers write something is because we feel the need to create. Not because the current project really requires it, but just because we feel the urge to write some code, patch something up. Especially when the project is reeeeally boring. In my case I […]

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