Entering the NDepend world

Today something unexpected happened. I got contacted by Patrick Smacchia, the creator of NDepend. He somehow found me online and offered a pro license 😀 I have never used NDepend so obviously I was very curious. In my daily job at Dell we obviously make an extensive use of static code analysis tools as part […]

Remember kids: DbContext is not threadsafe

Let me say that again: DbContext is NOT threadsafe. Not clear enough? Well, let’s make an example. Actually, I’ll show something that happened to me at work. Let me give you some context just for the sake of it, even though it’s not extremely relevant to the issue. In this project I have a CQRS-like […]

Consuming message queues using .net core background workers – part 2: background workers

In the previous article of this series we talked a bit about Message Queues. This time instead I’ll be introducing Background Workers. Just to recap, Message Queues can be used to handle asynchronous communication between services, improving resiliency and scalability. Now, suppose you have an API for handling blog posts and tags. Every post can […]

Consuming message queues using .net core background workers – part 1: message queues

In this series we’ll talk a bit about message queues with RabbitMQ and how to integrate it in a C# WebAPI application using Background Workers. It’s hard sometimes to come up with a decent title. In this case I had to sit back and take some time to decide. I had a semi-clear idea of […]

Exception handling in parallel Tasks

In a previous post we discussed about parallel VS serial execution of asynchronous operations. This time instead we’ll see how to properly do exception handling in parallel Tasks. Let’s suppose you have a bunch of network calls to do, maybe to some microservices. Maybe you’re in an API Gateway and you’re aggregating data. The calls […]

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