Edge Guardian available on Steam!

This time I just want to spread the word about my two good friends Maurizio and Marco from Hypotermic Games, who have finally got the chance to publish their first game on Steam, Edge Guardian !

In a nutshell, it’s an action beat-em-up for the HTC Vive where you’ll find yourself in a cube-based world, forced to punch your way out through thousands of enemies.

I don’t own an HTC Vive, but even if I haven’t had the possibility to try the game, I can easily say that it’s gonna be really addictive. Take a look at the gameplay if you don’t trust me.

Good luck guys!

XNA and Windows Form

ok, this time I’ve focused my spare time on making Windows Forms and XNA cohesist.


I’ve created a small example of how to do that and pushed everything on GitHub as the last time  , you can find the repository here.

Basically you have to create everything by yourself, GraphicsDevice and ServicesContainer. Yeah, that can be a mess.

Oh and don’t forget to set PresentationParameters.IsFullScreen to false!

Brand new start

A long time ago, I had the chance to read this post. At the time I thought it was a great idea (and I still do), but I was still too focused on learning the basic principles of Computer Graphics and all the math behind the scenes.

Years have passed and day after day, I moved from videogames programming to web development (sigh).

Now I probably have the opportunity to take a step back and start again from scratch 😀
Thanks to ThreeJs I can keep improving my Javascript skills and at the same time do something fun!

This is what I’ve accomplished in just a couple of hours (including the startup, digging through the docs, examples and so on). Of course it works only on Chrome and Firefox, so here’s a screenshot….

ThreeJs Test 1Enjoy!

DirectX what? 11 ?

It’s just a quick update, nothing special…
A friend of mine asked if I had some spare time to write a “not-so-technical” article on DirectX 11. He’s the admin of the Italian Civilization Blog, and they’re preparing for the new version of the game, so he thought it would be nice to share some infos about the new tech. Ssssooooo…. here’s the link, I know, it’s in italian, but…well… ermmm….. look at that, a three-headed monkey!

Oh yes, I forgot to say. Two things.

First one, after a couple of days, the article got linked on the nVidia Italian Facebook profile. Yay!

Also, my friend has opened a contest on his website (italian, yes), so if you own a copy of Sid Meier’s Whatever, you could win a GeForce GT450 !

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