Blazor GameDev – part 10: the Scene Graph

Hi All! Here we go with part 10 of our Blazor 2d GameDev series. Today we’re going to talk about an extremely important tool that can greatly improve game entities management: the Scene Graph. This is an example, just to give you an idea of what is going to be the result: You can also […]

Blazor and 2D game development – part 1: intro

Every now and then I go back to game development. It’s literally what brought me into this world of coding, something like 32 years ago. This time I decided to do some experiments with Blazor and 2D graphics. I don’t have a precise goal in mind right now, just playing around. Probably this late-night fever […]

Unity: Using an FSM to control your GameObjects

Thanks to my good friend Maurizio, who’s been helping me removing the dust from my memory, today I’ll show you how to use a simple FSM to control your GameObjects ūüôā First, if you don’t know what an FSM is, please read this, and maybe this too. Done? Good. Now take a look at this¬†(use […]

XNA and Windows Form

ok, this time I’ve focused my spare time on making Windows Forms and XNA cohesist. I’ve created a small example of how to do that and pushed everything on GitHub as the last time¬†¬†, you can find the repository here. Basically you have to create everything by yourself, GraphicsDevice and ServicesContainer. Yeah, that can be […]

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