Let’s do some DDD with Entity Framework Core 3 – part 2: let’s see some code!

Last time I talked a bit about the new release of Entity Framework Core 3 and introduced the small demo I wrote to test the new features. Now let’s see some code! I took the liberty to update the repository on GitHub and split it into two projects. Example 1 is just a simple console […]

Let’s do some DDD with Entity Framework Core 3!

Few days ago Microsoft released Entity Framework Core 3, introducing a lot of improvements in both functionalities and performance ( and some breaking change as well). Now we have full support for very cool stuff like C# 8, Async Enumerables, plus a brand new LINQ provider. I’m using a lot Entity Framework in my daily […]

Back to the ’74 with a 8080 emulator – part 2: rendering

And finally I got something working! Took me a bit of searching and head scratching, but at the end I managed to get some pixels on the screen 🙂 If you remember my last post, we discussed a bit about emulators and why I started this project. The Intel 8080 is a quite easy platform […]

Back to the ’74 with a 8080 emulator – part 1

I decided to take a walk down memory lane, precisely back to ’74. I named my horse 8080, like the planet . Well, actually it’s not a horse but an emulator, my first emulator ever 🙂 It all started when I saw this article on Scott Hanselmann’s blog, about this very smart guy who’s trying […]

Entering the NDepend world

Today something unexpected happened. I got contacted by Patrick Smacchia, the creator of NDepend. He somehow found me online and offered a pro license 😀 I have never used NDepend so obviously I was very curious. In my daily job at Dell we obviously make an extensive use of static code analysis tools as part […]

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