Blazor GameDev – part 7: animations

Hi my fellow gamedevs! Welcome back to part 7 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’re going to step into the marvelous world of animations using spritesheets 🙂 Last time we saw how it’s possible to interact with the game using the mouse. It was fun and easy, but still, all we were rendering […]

Blazor GameDev – part 6: mouse input

Hi All! Welcome back to part 6 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’ll see how we can start detecting user interaction and mouse input. Last time we started the real refactoring towards a more reusable structure and introduced the concept of composition through the GameObject class. The goal for today’s exercise is to […]

How to dynamically set blob name in an Azure Function

Hi All! Today we’re going to see how to dynamically set the blob name and write to it in an Azure Function. This is probably my first Azure article ever, and probably the first one of a long list 🙂 I’ll probably end up writing something about Azure and Event Sourcing at some point, so […]

Blazor GameDev – part 5: composition

Hi All! Welcome back to part 5 of our Blazor 2d Gamedev series. Today we’ll see how we can move away from procedural code using composition. Last time we saw how easy it is to load a sprite and move it across the screen. The issue with this solution is that things will get awkward […]

Improving HTTP resilience in Blazor webassembly

Hi All! Today I decided to take a quick break from my Blazor gamedev series and talk about resilience. We’ll see how to call a REST API from a Blazor webassembly app using an HTTP Client and how to handle errors using Polly. As usual, I’ve pushed a sample repository on GitHub, feel free to […]

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